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Climbing Mt. Kenya

Mount Kenya, a distinctly separate massif from the Aberdares, is part of the central highlands of Kenya. Africa’s second highest mountain at 5199m, with gleaming and eroded snow-capped peaks can be seen for miles until the late-morning clouds obscure the view. Trekking Mt. Kenya is one of the great experiences. It is Locally deified by the local Kikuyu community as home of Ngai (God).

Because of its vastness, it leaves little doubt why they built their houses with the doors facing the peak and why it was probably never scaled until the arrival of European explorer. It is every travelers dream trekking in Kenya to get to the top and take home invaluable life long memories. Mount Kenya's twin peaks of Batian and Nelion crown one of the world's highest national parks - 704 kms of forest, moorland, rock and ice.
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