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Marsabit National Reserve


its sporadic ecosystems which are naturally illogical. Thinking of a land with contrasting appearances and radical climate calmed by one of the most beautiful lakes popped in a puzzling landscape, then Marsabit is the place to be.

With its rich sophisticated history, Marsabit national reserve is no doubt a legendary home to one of the Kenya’s most precious elephants – Ahmed who won the heart of the Kenya’s founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta when he ordered 24 hour protection in the 70’s. Ahmed is also believed to have had one of the largest tusks in Kenya’s Jumbo history.

Situated in the northern Kenya, about 560km north of Nairobi in Marsabit district, the park comprises of densely forested mountain and three crater lakes that are the only permanent surface water in the region and that provide habitat for a variety of birdlife.Although the lower slopes are scorched and dry, above them is a richly forested wonderland of crater lakes and swamps, towering cliffs and giant trees, with a dazzling array of wildlife. The park has different attractions such as a forest, Scenic landscape and wilderness, Crater lakes, Elephants, Greater Kudu different birdlife, other antelope as well as lion and leopard, and varied local cultures.

This is one of Kenya's most quiet and remote national parks. It is also one of the most famous of Kenya safari parks that requires lots of patience to find wildlife in specially the bushy centre of the park. Mount Marsabit is famous for the dreamy waters of Lake Paradise which are located on its peak, for the foothills of rugged grandeur that fan out from its volcanic craters, and for the cloud forests which shelter both greater kudu and an ancient dynasty of elephants famous for their huge tusks.

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