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Lakes and Rivers


Kenya boasts numerous and diverse lakes and rivers each with unique attractions and features that depict awe-inspiring experiences. From the Jewel Oasis of Lake Turkana, Kenya's Third largest water, to the historical Lake Paradise in Marsabit, the Kenya lakes safari package grants you untold episodes of natural explore.

At the heart of the Rift valley is the world re-known ‘bird watchers paradise' - Lake Nakuru. With it's over one million lesser flamingos, the lake is the greatest ornithological spectacle whose shore are manicured by pink color of the lesser flamingoes. The shallow lake is perfectly set on the backdrop of rocky outcrops and Olive and Euphorbia forests and plays host to over 350 bird species.The Ecosystem supports more that ten thousand ungulates and hundreds of carnivores and scavengers. This is contrasted by the wading great white pelicans and the greater flamingos shine their cream feathers amidst the pink shore giving unsurpassed photographic caption

The numerous boat trips offered in the beautiful beaches of Lake Naivasha will take you to crescent island and Crater Lake where you will walk amidst giraffe, impalas, zebras and gazelles, while giant hippos protrude their snouts on the tidal shallow shores. The lake is the largest fresh water lake in Kenya. You can also visit Lake Elmentaita and Lake Oloideni and experience the reality of faulting phenomena. These two small lakes form the refuge for flamingoes during the dry seasons or incase of change of water salinity in their re-known historical locale.

Further north is what ancient explorers described as the most astonishing nature theatre - Lake Bogoria. Set on a dramatic hills and ranges, the lake saline waters host thousands of flamingoes and a collection of over 200 bird species. However, it is the geysers and hot springs which form the centre of attraction in this reserve. Further north is Lake Baringo described as the most beautiful lake in the rift valley. The lake boasts seven islands whose open exploration instills lifetime experience.

With its pristine design, a specialized lake safari is no doubt the most panoramic African safari package unmatched to no other lake safari adventure destinations in Africa. This is because these packages will also take you to off the beaten track to discover un-spoilt beauty of hidden treasures and arid jewels such as Lake Chala and Jipe on Kenya-Tanzania border or cruise to Lake Paradise in Marsabit and discover the beauty of desert oasis.

Simply, River and Lake Safari packages are designed to blend wildlife with natural wonders of massive waters both saline and fresh while the same time discovering other attractions off the beaten track. There are also extensions to Lake Victoria and its beautiful Islands, lake Magadi the soda lake and Lake Turkana on the Kenya's northern frontier. This is without mentioning adventurous engagements in Kenya’s renown rivers and tributaries.

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