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Lake Turkana


Described as a lake of insuperable beauty, an inland sea surrounded by volcanic boulders and purple hills blanketed by brilliant sunshine and star-bright nights. Lake Turkana is undoubtedly the most striking feature of this region; algae-inspired shades of green give the lake its name “The Jade Sea”.

Formerly known as Lake Rudolf, Lake Turkana is located in the Kenyan Rift Valley, with its far northern end crossing into Ethiopia. It is the world's largest permanent desert lake and the world's largest alkaline lake. By volume it is assumed the world's third-largest salt lake after the Caspian Sea and Issyk-Kul (passing the shrinking South Aral Sea), and among all lakes it ranks twenty-fourth.

Lake Turkana offers itself as the ideal destination for the intrepid traveler seeking to experience bio-diversity at its best: ornithology, anthropology, archaeology, culture, fishing, game viewing, astronomy, photography and adventure. Although the lake and its environs have been popular for expeditions of every sort under the tutelage of guides, rangers and experienced persons, they certainly must be considered hazardous for unguided tourists. The rocks of the surrounding area are predominantly volcanic. Central Island is an active volcano, emitting vapors.

On-shore and off-shore winds can be extremely strong as the lake warms and cools more slowly than the land. Sudden, violent storms are frequent. Outcrops and rocky shores are found on the East and South shores of the lake, while dunes, spits and flats are on the West and North, at a lower elevation. Three rivers (the Omo, Turkwel and Kerio) flow into the lake, but lacking outflow its only water loss is by evaporation.

Lake Turkana National Parks are now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Sibiloi National Park lies on the lake's eastern shore, while Central Island National Park and South Island National Park lie in the lake. Both are known for their crocodiles. Due to temperature, aridity and geographic inaccessibility, the lake retains its wild character. Nile crocodiles are found in great abundance on the flats. The rocky shores are home to scorpions and carpet vipers.

Visitors encountering this remote lake, regardless of the number of previous visits, continue to sense that awe-inspiring atmosphere which has become synonymous with its romantic name, the Jade Sea. Writer John Hillaby appropriately remarks in his book "Journey to the Jade Sea" that the lake has 'varying mood', sometimes tempestuous, sometimes womb-like oceanic peace. Featured in adventure and naturalist articles worldwide, Lake

Turkana has excited the imagination of journalists and travelers alike. Due to its incredible rugged beauty unique isolation, numerous distinguished guests have visited the Lake Turkana Lodge including Prince Charles, and the Duke of Luxemburg (who chose this corner of Africa to spend his honeymoon), amongst others.

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