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Central Island National Park


Known also as Crocodile Island, Central Island was formed as a result of volcanic activity. The Island is an old volcano with three immense crater lakes that lie in the basins of a series of volcanic vents. The crater lakes are also connected through sub-terrain ducts with the main lake, and are renowned for the differing shades of jade, green and blue at various times of the day.

The island is a favorite place for breeding crocodiles as well as migratory and resident birds. It is composed of more than a dozen craters and cones, three of which are filled by small lakes. The two largest lakes partially fill craters up to a kilometre wide and about 80 m deep, the floors of which are near sea level.

Its major attractions are the three crater lakes i.e.; Crocodile Lake, Flamingo Lake, & Tilapia Lake, Active volcano. However, there are also game in the park and these include; from crocodiles, game includes hippopotamus, plains and Grevy's zebras, Topis, Oryxs, reticulated giraffes, and Grants gazelles

This island was designated as a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO in 1997 and is approximately a 45-minute boat ride from Lake Turkana Lodge A university research team suspects that there is still a tiny active volcano situated on the tip of the island. Some of the activities available are; climbing, camping and walking through the nature trails. The Central Island National Park provides great opportunities for viewing and photographing. Also, a visit to the three crater lakes within the park is a must.

The highest point on the dominantly basaltic island reaches 550 m, about 190 m above the lake surface. An E-W-trending chain of small explosion craters cuts the eastern side of the 3-km-wide island. Several small islands to the SE represent partially submerged crater rims, and other cones and lava plugs lie beneath the lake surface near the island.

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