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Burundi’s exotic mysticism has for years attracted thousands of visitors. The breathtaking landscapes, Savannah forests and the various tourist attractions make Burundi a favorite destination for diverse travelers. Waterfalls, natural reserves, hot springs, museums and zoos are the popular tourist attractions of Burundi. The places of interest are diverse and one can catch the various moods of Burundi while touring this awesome African destination.

Burundi is indeed one of the momentous African countries that provide serene holiday and adventure opportunities for all kinds of travelers; whether it be the adventurous or the unwind vacationer. A tour to Burundi will reveal to you the reality of exotic Africa. Among all the popular tourist attractions of Burundi, the Saga Beach is the most famous one and the neighboring resort makes it all the more attractive. The serene and tranquil atmosphere on the Saga beach is extremely relaxing and refreshing and is ideal after a long, tiresome day.

Rusizi National Park is the most popular and sought after Burundi tourist attraction and is situated north-west of Bujumbura. The park is divided into two parts; the larger part lies on the eastern bank of Rusizi River whereas the smaller part forms the delta of Rusizi at the entrance point of Lake Tanganyika. The general attractions, location and artificial landscapes make the park a wonderful tourist destination in Burundi

Kibira National Park is the perfect getaway for adventurous tourists and wildlife lovers. The Park along with the Kibira forest in Burundi is the best place to check out some unique wildlife species of this African nation. Red colobus monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and the crested Mangabeys are some of the amazing creatures of the Kibira National Park in Burundi.

The Ruvubu National Park of Burundi is the homeland of some of the most striking wildlife animals and species of flowers. Wildlife in the Ruvubu consists of animals like hippopotamus, buffalo, crocodiles, leopard, monkeys, antelopes and lion. Bird lovers will have a marvelous time in the Ruvubu National Park as more than 425 species of birds thrive in this park making it all the more attractive.

The Ruvubu National Park of Burundi is easy accessible by road as it lies about 216 km away from Bujumbura and the park itself has about 50 kilometer of tracks. Camping facilities for the visitors is the newest addition to Ruvubu National Park and this makes it more attractive to adventure lovers. All these natural beauties make Ruvubu National Park standout among all the other Burundi tourist attractions.

Karera Falls is believed to have exotic waters with healing power. The beauty of this place is just thrilling, attracting worldwide travelers and providing them with a striking wonderful experience of a lifetime. It is a famous waterfall of Burundi and is one of the popular Burundi tourist attractions. Its healing waters act as a soothing medication for the body. Karera Falls is indeed an exotic place to relax and enjoy in the nature's lap.

Bururi Natural Reserve lies on the extreme southern edge of Congo-Nile divide and is one of the popular Burundi tourist attractions. Bururi Forest Natural Reserve is a tiny patch of forest land and lies on the western portion of Bururi town. The reserve is an eco- friendly place where you can find at least 93 varieties of unique trees in additional to considerable wildlife and diverse bird species. It is no doubt that Bururi Natural Reserve is one of the finest locales in Burundi and is genuinely meant for the wildlife and nature lovers.

The unique tradition and culture of Burundi is sure to captivate you in no time. If you are enjoying a trip to Burundi don't forget to see the Burundi Monuments which reflect the unparalleled culture of the people of Burundi. Each of the monuments has its own architectural style and historical significance.

Burundi Museums provide the tourist with an idea of Burundi culture and tradition. Once you visit these museums you will be able to discover various unknown facts. In simple, Burundi is a country with rich flora and fauna, diverse culture and hospitable people. The abundant animal life and the fantastic natural backdrops of this country have fascinated people for ages.
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