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UNIGLOBE Northline Travel

UNIGLOBE Northline Travel Ltd. has a reputation built well over eighteen years of providing top quality service.

With a network of over one thousand affiliated agencies, We provide sophisticated leading edge services only a global enterprise can offer.

Our Travel Specialists work with you on one-on-one interactions to; understand your specific needs, keep detailed personal requirement profiles and automate your travel plans. Read More.....

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Kenya Safaris

Kenya safaris are characterized by wildlife thrilled savannahs, scenic sceneries, luring endless ranges, unique equatorial snow capped mountains, beautiful coastal beaches, reefs and creeks, lovely people with diverse culture. This is without mentioning moderate equatorial climate ideal for relaxing and adventures. So as to explore Kenya. 

Honeymoon Packages

Africa provides an ideal honeymoon destination for discerning clients in exclusive and elegant lodges offering a private and personal ambience well away from the tourists. Excitement,Interest, Leisure, Romance, Personal Service, First Class Cuisine but Read more...


Serene Vacations

Whether you want to spend your family vacation safari observing wildlife and birds or soaking up the southern sun on a beach vacation, there is no one way to describe an exclusive holiday in Kenya other than dawning into the reality of serene vacation Read more...

Exclusive Holidays

Our holiday accommodation choices are unparalleled. From
carefully selected holiday hotels, resorts and luxury camps to discounted rates and amazing special offers, our Holidays have Read more...

Special Offers

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